Sunday, May 25, 2008


I have always wanted to ski the Crow's Foot. Those of you who live in Salt Lake know what I am taking about... I have now recruited Cliff, therefore now it will happen. Yesterday, we decided to figure out how to get there. After 5 hours of "BUSHWAKING" we know how not to get there. We had fun and Bode was a good sport. Of course we left with no sunscreen or sun hat for him. He managed to come way with only some minor craps, amazing for what we went through. Cliff and I on the other hand, have quite a list of the aches and pains. Next time we try that we have decided to take the clippers along with us.
This week Bode is sitting up on his own, if you position his legs just right, he will sit for awhile and then when tired, he folds in half.
Today,Cliff brought Bode home from church early to take a nap. He said he pulled him self up in the car seat and was trying to look toward the drivers seat at cliff with a gigantic smile, almost as if he knew he was getting to skip church. When Cliff laid him down for his nap, Cliff said he was wrapping him up Bode pulled the blanket up by his face, closed his eyes and smiled. Like, OH Yea Dad, this is what I wanted, and he was out... He never sleeps like that for me?
He is growing so quickly, we were just commenting on how interactive he is becoming. We went to see Heidi, Dave, and Seth last night. Seth says to Cliff while they were bathing him, Bode is the luckiest kid in the whole world... Why cliff says?.. Cause he got my favorite Uncle for a DAD! I feel the same way, Bode and I are the luckiest in the whole world. I am so glad I could marry the love of my life.

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janers said...

Why am I NOT surprised that Bode already realizes that his dad is a pushover that will ditch church with him? Trouble. That's what that is...T-R-O-U-B-L-E. However I do have to admit...that he IS pretty great, that man you married. Lucky kid and lucky YOU!