Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mud Race.. Very Fun!

We did the Dirty Dash in Heber. It was very fun. Our friends the Campbell's came with us. The adults did a 10K,  and then the kids did a mile later in the day.  Bode had tons of fun, but could not get over the mess.

Ryder on the Bike..

 We were trying to teach Ryder how to go off the jump on his bike. We told him he needed a little speed so he rode as fast as he could all the way around the circle, when he was coming back across the street to go off the jump you could hear him say, "I got this, I got this.." I was so cute.


The boys love Wyoming as always! I spent the day volunteering at King of the Hill, so next year I can ride in LOTOJA. Although, I missed the riding lesson, Bode & Cliff got one!

Ryder is 3. YEAH!~

Ryder turned 3. Questions Ryder answered: How old are you? now I 3 holding up 3 fingers, you don't want me to grow, only Dad wants me to grow. Favorite thing to do? Ride my bike, Can you ride without training wheels? Auh, ha. Who is your best friend? Bode my best friend. What favorite color? Blue. Favorite Food? Chicken Nuggets. Are you going to turn into a chicken nugget? Mom, I not a chicken nugget.  Favorite thing to do? Play. Are you big? Yea, I 3, MOM I 3. 
Bode questions on Ryder birthday, they are inseparable, so you cannot do one without the other.
What is favorite thing to do? Play with Ryder. Favorite Color? Orange. Favorite Food? Cheese Sandwich. Favorite thing to do outside? Have fun and play.  Are you big? Yes,  What if your favorite thing to with mom? Giver her hugs. 

 For his birthday, he went to the Zoo, we made jet packs, and then of course, the new bounce house. They begged and promised not to cut this one.. time will tell. We are so blessed to have Ryder in our home. We love you!

Boating Summer

We have a very fun boating this summer. Bode now water skis and wake boards, a long way. Ryder rides the knee board all by himself. We love playing as a family.  Any spare time you will find us on the boat. 

Rock Climbing

Fremont Lake

We went to Fremont Lake. Mandy & Brian live 15 from the Wind Rivers. Very Pretty! We did a little boat camping, hiking, water skiing, cliff jumping, rope swinging. It was fun to see where Mandy & Bri live. 
One night while boat camping the wind was howling, you could hear the waves beating the shore. We decided that we better check the boat. Sure enough the waives had beached it. Cliff and I got down to our nothings, pushed the boat back out into the water, the Cliff in the made waves, that were coming over the back of the boat, standing naked, through the anchor as far as he could, while I held the boat. It was an adventure worth remembering.