Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cabin Swings

The magic of a rope and a stick. We went to the cabin yesterday, and boys will be boys. By the end the of day from head to toe covered, in dust, dirt, mud, and nothing but smiles.  We made the boys a swing at the cabin, then we went to the pond to throw rocks and found a bigger swing. Smiles, laughs, sun and happiness all day long. I love my three boys!

Lake Powell

We were so bless to get to go to Lake Powell. Cliff and I took over the share from Mom & Dad's house boat and this was our first trip being in charge. We did great! We had problems with one engine, but Cliff did an awesome job. Bode skied for the 1st time. We took our friends from the ward the Campbells. They have 3 young kids Kia, Tegan & Kalaya. Whitney came with us and was a great help. This was the 1st boating experience that our children LOVED. We could not get them out of the water, Last year this same trip I could not get them in the water, this trip I couldn't get them out. It was a major pay day for us! Bode went down the house boat slide, which is scary for him,  eventually he would go down it backwards so he didn't have to see how far the drop was, seemed to be less scary. I feel so blessed to have such an awesome family. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chicks- Quack & Buttercup

We purchased 6 chicks. We tried to teach them to fly, we gave them rides in the jeep and on the bike. We loved them. We killed 5 within one week. We prayed over Buttercup and the faith of a child healed him. After a week we only had Quack left. He lived in the backyard for two weeks, we played with him everyday, made him a house in the sand box... He is now missing. Reward for found Chick...


Bode is getting some Awesome skills on the bike. He rides every chance he gets!


Netflix come to our home, through the mailbox. Bode saw the mailman coming and ran out to meet him. "Can you bring me a kid show he asked the mailman" the mailman responded with " Get away from the Truck" Bode was bummed. He checks the mail everyday for a kid show.

Colorado River

I had a week off class between spring & summer semester, we spent the entire time on the beach. We rented a home on the shore of the Colorado River just above Lake Havasu. It was a river so the water was always flat. The Harrs came with us for a few days, and Granny & Gramps stayed with us. We had a blast! Chandler and I tried to wrap a rope around a gigantic bridge and tried to stand up with the flow of the water.. didn't work, but it was fun. We did not think about our exit plan and were about a mile down river before we got all the rope wound up from going around the bridge. Even when the water is flat all day long, you can only hold on so long. The kids loved playing on the beach, and Bode tried Wake Boarding for the 1st time, no success, but an attempt none the less.

Bode rides Green Valley Loop and Loves it!

Bode rode Green Valley Loop by himself as a 4 year old, and he loved it. He did a great job. Jakob came with us, Ryder rode the Alley Cat. Fun adventures all the time.

Rdyer rides the Bike

Ryder figured out the bike about a month ago. Now he is unstoppable. We have stopped eating shoes so quickly from the wiggle car, and now two bikes are going around the circle as fast as can be all day long.

The Giant Ballon!

The boys love balloons. Bode rode his bike around with this giant balloon.

Fun on a Hike

Jet Packs

Grandma Kaye made these for the kids JET PACKS. They loved them. We flew to the moon, flew to space, and went super fast for months. They slept with them on, they did not come off. Consisted of a 2 liter bottle, duck tape, streamers and cardboard... Days of FUN!

Best Friends

Bode watches out for his brother. Last night he stood up for him in front of his friends. They are said when the other one is sleeping. In there bedroom their best are pushed next to each other. This morning they were holding hands coming down the stairs.  Best friends forever.