Friday, February 24, 2012

Eat your Vegtables

Every night we have a race around the circle. The first night Bode could not believe that I really could beat him. When I caught him, I said I am right on your tail.. Bode running as fast as his legs will carry him, which is pretty fast says, " Don't say that." As I pass in a sprint I yell, " Vegetables".
After the race Bode says,"That was incredible, Man I cannot believe it, I have got to eat my vegetables" he came right in ate a Apple and wanted to race again. Every night all week, the good thing is lots of vegetables are getting eaten.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yesterday, we took the boys to ride Brighton Ski Resort. They loved it. Bode mostly loved the Pee-Wee train park, with the boxes to ski on. The both did awesome. Bode skied a ton of blues, and Ryder skied with out his ropes. They loved it!

Joe Blessed his Baby

We went to Wyoming to support Joe in Blessing his baby, Payton-Joe. Cliff took the boys for a horse ride, always the favorite part.

Skiing- Bode in Charge

The boys are getting really good at skiing. Ryder can almost ski on his own. Bode wanted to be in charge of Ryder's reins. It was fun to watch, Ryder would try and escape, and then laugh, and then Bode would go fast trying to catch him. Really fun to watch the interaction between them.