Sunday, December 16, 2007

Not a creature was stiring, not even a mouse.

Not a Creature was stiring, not even a mouse. Bode just slept from 11-6 without crying!!! I got him up once to eat at 2 but that is it! Another blessings. The bummer part, I now am up waiting from him to wake up, cause my boobs HURT! Somedays, it seems hard to find the blessings in your life, right now in my life I cannot go 20 minutes with noticing another blessing from Heaven, I veil has been thin, and at my house it still is, The Big Guy Upstairs is watching my house constantly for the past 5 days and he is sending blessings very often. Thank you Heavenly Father... I love him!

I keeping thing of the Messiah, For unto to us, a son is given, unto us, a son is given, Oh, unto us a son is given, unto us. Thank you to everyone on the other side who hugged and watched over my child for the last 29 years, so when he came to me he already new what love was! Thanks for giving me a son! I just received the most price possession!

Things I am thankful for Bode, Cliff, my Bed. Each time I lay my head down, my bed folds in around me and instantly becomes the most comfortable, warm place. I do not belive this was happening a week ago, but the last 5 days... man I love my bed.

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Märta said...

We sang songs of the Birth of Christ all the way to see you, thinking of the beautiful gifts our Heavenly Father gives us! I wanted to give you a beautiful CD of Mary's Lulluby - it's coming!

Unto us a Son is Given, Unto us a Child is born, and this one's name is Bode Paulsen Linford. What a beautiful Babe! Congratulations Keri & Cliff!