Saturday, December 15, 2007

Email Announcement

This email went out to all our friends on 12/14/07;

We just wanted to drop a note and say Thank you for all the love and support we have received the past few days. To those of you who don’t know we have a new addition to the Linford Family. Bode Paulsen Linford, born 12/12/07, at 12:40 in the morning. He weighs 7 pounds and 15 ounces, and is 21 inches long, with 10 fingers and 10 toes. We feel so bless to get such a perfect child, and to have so many people who love and care.

Love, Cliff, Keri & Bode Linford

This is some of the responses:
:) We are so happy for you! He's so cute!! Wish we could be there...maybe by June. :) Merry Christmas!<3 heather (and matt)
Heidi Stapel:darling. I'm in love.
Jane Skinner:he is SUPER cute...well done ker!
Justin Hyde:Congratulations,

He is so adorable! Tell Cliff Congrats! He is a beautiful baby we are all so happy for you guys. Hope to see him soon!

Wendy Gull:
Keri and Family
We are so excited for you!! Cristi Matta said everything went Great, you were a real trooper. Take it easy and let me know if there is anything you need.
See ya soon
Wendy Gull
P.S. Bode is beautiful!!!!
Mandy Brisko:

He is SO cute! You guys did a fantastic job on getting such a cute little boy! How are you feeling? I can't wait to see him. We will see you sometime after the first of January. Thanks for the pics and feel free to send as many as you want. I already have it on my fridge....

Love you and hope you are doing well!

Ashley Boyle:Keri he is absolutely adorable!!!! Congratulations! Get some rest if you can in these first few days while he sleeps a lot, it won't last long. He'll be ypur best christmas present ever! ash
Brandon Weaver:Well congrats on having a skier. I did notice that you have a little more pull that Cliff, because his name is Bode, instead of Shawn.
Cari Hart:Keri! How wonderful you did it and he is beautiful!! I want the detail when you have a minute for now know I love you and I am so happy for you. I hope all is well give me a call any time!! Take care!!
Marta:What a BEAUTIFUL little one! Congratulations Cliff & Keri!
Thanks for a picture! Sara is excited to have a picture of ‘Superman’ to carry around! ;) She keeps telling us that we can call him ‘Bodie’ but she is calling him ‘Superman!’ She knows!

Love you!
Märta & Sara!
Shaun Moyes:CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!!! Cute baby. That's awsome. We're happy to hear that all is well. We look forward to meeting the little ripper. Love,Myranda, Shaun and Anna p.s. where did you get that sweet little beanie?

Thank you to everyone for all the love and support... We are learning quickly it takes a village to raise a family.

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