Saturday, December 15, 2007

Early Christmas

Christmas came early at the Linford house hold. We got the best present, anyone could ever imagine. On 12/12/07, God delivered Bode. To be honest I wasn't sure I was cut out for motherhood, or that it was what I wanted, and now that I have him, nothing else seems to matter. I feel as if God delivered the most precious gift to me, and has in trusted me to love and take care of him. I believe this will be and has been the best Christmas yet.
I have a new respect for my parents, who knew the love they really have for me, for the sacrifices that they have made for me... and yet this new life comes into my life and they love him, as I love him. Hours after his birth, ALL of my sisters surrounded my hospital bed, to show how much they love me and to show the love they have for my child. I feel so blessed to have such friends, to drop everything some traveling many, many miles, while others are hurrying around the city, to make sure I have lunch. And then they gathered with me and Cliff, and held my child. As each of them did, it was amazing to see the love on their face for this new life. It was not there child, they did not care, they loved him anyway, without strings attached. I feel so blessed to have a family with so much love and support.
So for the past 4 days my family has spun circles around me, calling, going to the store for me, bringing in meals, and really the only thing that seems to matter to me... loving bode. Thanks to them for showing me what life is really about, I just had a huge powder day, and yet it doesn't compare to that day I remember in my head, that I need the snorkel to get down the hill. I like to make each turn as if it were the last, live each moment as if it will never happen again, As I hold bode in my arms, I feel as if I am making each turn as if it were the last... I am so glad we are an eternal family, so each time I hold him, it will never be the last! Last Sunday in church we sang the song about the first things that saw Christ were the Cattle... I am so blessed that the first things that saw Bode, were my family!

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