Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eat Fish Really?

This last weekend grandpa Val was incharge a big scouting event. He rounded up the troups, "the fam" to help him out. Cliff was mostly in charge of setup and take down of everything big. Bode was in charge of playing with the cousins, I was in charge of the "Mystery Dare". The mystery dare was you had to build a fire with flint and steal, make it big enough to burn through the string 8 inches up for every two scouts. Then if you could not get the string burnt then you had to eat a gold fish. Every troup was required to eat one gold fish and then an additional gold fish for every sting that did not get burnt.
So friday I went to pick up my goldfish. Well the store I had arranged with previously was sold out. So I went to Petco... well Petco asks what you are doing with the goldfish. And, if you tell them you are feeding them to scouts.. well they will not let you purchase them. So after stopping at the 3rd store to get the fish, I have to lie about what the fish were for. Then somehow at my booth "Petco Goldfish Patrol" showed up... About 200 scouts came, and 50 fish got eaten... so moral of the story, don't plan on the scout knowing how to light the fire.

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heather said...

I am laughing so hard right now. Too funny!! The Petco actually showed up?? And stopped you?