Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9 Months

How time flies, today was the 9 month check up. 20 pounds 2 ounces-39%, height we are 28 inches 34%..today cliff's dreams of a seven foot basketball player went down the drain. We have 6 teeth, we crawls FAST, he only wants food with texture, if you puree it-he will not eat it. We stand in the middle of the room, and walk very well around the furniture. He loves his binky and blanky, which he is only allowed to have in bed. In a quiet room(sacrament) he thinks he should talk LOUD! He loves to wrestle with his dad, he gets excited when he comes home from work, and crawls to the door when he leaves, like "take me". Cliff thinks he has said "dada" but I think he was just babbling... He can make every room in the entire house looks like a hurricane hit in under 10 minutes. Today I came home late, and Cliff and Bode were reading Dr. Seuss on the floor. Some memories I hope never leave. Walks in the stroller, used to put him to sleep, now he thinks their is to much to see, and gets excited. He loves riding on your back in his pack, while you do anything but sit at the computer.. not a good idea. He likes riding in the Jeep, with his new car seat that looks forward.

We can tell that he wants to walk soon so he can learn to ski with Heather, it is all about having a buddy.


heather said...

Yes! Bode and I will learn to ski together, and he'll probably be better than me -lets face it now. :)

He is growing SO FAST!

Anonymous said...

what sweet memories and milestones!