Monday, June 9, 2008

Horseback Riding & The Wave

Last weekend we went to Star Valley to help out with the Cows... This is cliff seeing if he remembers how to ride a horse. Apparently he does, although his butt does not agree with the activity. We branded the calves and then took the cows over the mountain. It was only the 2nd time I have been able to help herd the cows to Tige. I really enjoy it, although I do not care for the branding much.

Grandpa Linford claims that "He rode a bull at six months of age."

Bode was excited about all the animals and excitement, and Cliff was excited to show him his home turf.

One of Cliff and I's new favorite things to do it go to Ogden and try and Surf at the Salomon Center. It is harder then it looks. But we have a fun time trying. Last time Whitney, Seth and Oliva went with us.


Märta said...

Bode is soooo darling! We are so grateful that you will post pictures so we can see his cute little face! He looks like he loved Cache Valley! Cliff is sure an amazing Dad! We love you! You're the best!

Liesl said...

I agree with Mom.
I have figuared out the Blog templates (If you go to either My Blog or Mom's blog you will see a few)to design yours I will need what style you want it (Bright, old, ect.) and also you info to get in to your blog.
If you will send that info to me via E-mail (you can send it to mom and he will tell me) I should have it in a few days;)

Myranda, Shaun and Anna said...

Bode has awesome parents, and he is as cute as they come. Surfing looks like so much fun, we will have to give it a shot one of these days. We just got some new hiking shoes and would love to try them out if you guys are up to it sometime soon.

heather said...

I love these pictures!! That one picture of Bode makes him look 112% Linford!

And this surfing thing looks really fun!

janers said...

Cliff on a horse...never thought I'd see the day...Thanks for capturing this! However the faceplant was almost better than "cowboy cliff."

Fun Fun. ;)