Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2 Month Picture

Just thought I should post his 2 month picture. Bode his 3 month B-day just passed, he has learned to make noise. He has learned how to articulate his lips and change the tone of his noise, as if he was talking. Cliff likes to come home from work put him on his lap and say tell me about your day, and for the next 3 or 4 min, he just goes off....about who knows what.


Introduction said...

You are each Angels Straight from heaven! Without a doubt this young man has a great work ahead of him! He is so blessed to have you, Cliff & Keri, as his parents! We all fasted for you today! We pray that you will heal quickly Cliff, and that your prayers concerning your house will be heard and answered! We don't know what is right, be we KNOW that you deserve the BEST that HEAVEN has to offer! Blessings Untold! That is our family fast prayer today! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

janers said...

Beautiful Boy! What a great picture, scary how fast he's changed!