Thursday, February 14, 2008

Take a Step into the Dark.

Assurance and hope make it possible for us to walk to the edge of the light and take a few steps into the darkness—expecting and trusting the light to move and illuminate the way.- David A. Bednar

I feel as if I have taken a step into the dark, we had Bode, the happiness and joy that have come from it are incredible. All though now I stand in the dark, my life lies in Gods hands to determine. Today I am suppose to take Bode to Primary Childrens Hospital to run some tests, his Billiruban Count is very high, and they are worried his liver is not working.

I took a step into the dark, the darkness was scary and harder then I new I could handle, the light came, the happiness was more then we could imagine, and now it is dark again. I pray to my Heavenly Father to bless my little bundle, he is the world to me and I am scard of the dark. His faite lies in this hand- please be with him father, at this point it seems all that matters......

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Märta said...

I LOVE that quote by Elder Bednar! I write a few days later, and today I believe we know that Bode's liver looks good. I am so grateful! I am thankful for the blessing of life, and the light that comes from Heaven to help us in the darkness of this world! Thanks for being a light to us! We love you soooo much! xoxoxoxoxo