Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm on Fire.. I'm on Fire!

Cliff was standing in the corner in the kitchen, bowling water on the stove. The boys were on the couch watching TV, and I was on my hands and knees with a rag wiping the floor. Cliff and I were talking about the normal whatever, and Cliff from the corner of the kitchen yells "I'm on FIRE, I'm on FIRE!" I look up to see Cliff jumping around and the back of his shirt had caught on fire from the stove he had been leaning against while talking to me. I jump up and with the rag I had been holding, begin swatting at the fire. Although now my hand was getting hot, the back of the shirt he was wearing was almost gone. I am not getting the fire out, but giving the fire oxygen to fuel the fire. In my head I am thinking Stop, Drop and Roll... "Cliff this is not working.. his pants are not on fire yet.. but soon, he is holding what he can of the shirt away from his body and begins running outside to lay in the snow. I am still behind him swatting at the fire, now with a large towel.. Flakes of the shirt are falling to the floor on fire, and now both boys are crying, in fear for there father.
It was very exciting. We did get the fire out, and the house did not burn down... After looking back.. He was standing in the corner in the kitchen on side the stove, the other side the sink. Water, water would've really helped the situation.

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