Monday, September 20, 2010

Biking.. Potty Trained!!

This summer we have loved the wiggle car. This is the third pair of shoes that look like this. We finally stopped puchasing new shoes. You should've seen the looks at church with these shoes. The truth is.. They have been duck taped more times then I can count, and all his socks look the same way. Bode spent hours on his little blue car, racing around the circle, back and forth. He learned to come down the steep driveways. He was not allowed to go into the road, so he could steer down the drive way at high speeds and hit the side walk and up the side walk.. He has some mad skill!
Early in the summer we purchased him a bike and told him if he pooped on the toilet 5 times he could have the bike... He got the bike! We are potty trained! What an excellent day to only have 1 child in diapers. So he got his bike on 8/29/09.. a sunday around 9 at night. We took it out, he could only pedal downhill. The next morning, and every morning for the next 3 weeks he would run into our room.."Mommy, lets go bikin'". He loves it. By day 2 he was an expert, by day 3 he was unstoppable, and by day 4 he was living on the bike. He would ride the biking singing, "I'm goin' bikin, I'm goin Bikin" over and over! He thought he was big and he could ride in the road. We decided.. okay a little. On day 1 no cars came into the circle. On day 2 one car came into the circle, he knew he had to get on the sidewalk fast. He went full speed at the curb, hit the curb at full speed.. flipped over the handle bars and landed on his back on the grass... Safe, he was out of the road.. Day 3 one car came into the circle.. same routine.. flat on his back! Day 4 he no longer rides in the road, he decided he liked the sidewalk.

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W said...

i love that in the picture with Bodes shoes you can see his blue painted toe nail :)