Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Growing Up

When Bode gets excited or has done something awesome, like climbs up the slide backwards, or jumps really high on the tramp, or gets his dad to jump with him, he did it today, cause Chase is coming to color Easter eggs with him. He raises both arms up in the air, and yells "Yeah"...
Bode got this awesome new Blue Car, from his Granny Kathryn. I asked her to babysit last week while I went to the dentist and when I came home, my son had thought he had gone to heaven. He rides it around the circle as fast as his little legs will carry him, and when he gets back to the house he says.." I fast" It really is cute. He gets dressed fast every morning so he can go ride his "car".. Thanks granny! So after having the car a week this is what his shoes look like. When we got the car the shoes looked perfect, and yesterday, he asked for new shoes, and I couldn't understand why.

It snowed last week, the day after it was 65 degrees, we all went out to make a snowman. Cliff cannot just make a normal snowman, it had to be a gigantic one. The bottom ball was as big as both Cliff and I could push together. The second ball took some engineering skills to get it up... We had tons of fun.

I was just talking on the phone to a friend, and I thought.. Wow Bode sure is quiet, he must of lay ed down for an early nap.. So I kept talking on the phone.. Well 10 min later I decided to check on him... I opened his bedroom door, to Bag Balm everywhere..All over the drawer, All over his clothes, All over the dresser. So I said.. "What are you two?" and with his limited words he looks up and smiles and says "Yeah, two!"

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kemra said...

Oh, man! I've been there! Sorry!!! He is stinking cute though!!!